Mango For Jobs – Spurring Jobs in the Community

Mango For Jobs – Spurring Jobs in the Community

The Mango For Jobs campaign is a project aimed at bringing to the fore, the importance of improving food security and bolstering the creation of dignified jobs for the teeming youth in the Somanya area as well as other populace who are interested in the agricultural value chain for agricultural advancement in Ghana.

After consistent days of meetings and brainstorming, criticizing and consultations, we finally came to a conclusion, designing a social-driven initiative, aligned with the U.N’s Sustainable Developmental Goals, to spur jobs in our communities. This initiative is going to allow us fulfill part of our mission, and i quote “to build a profitable, modern and organic farming enterprise that will create jobs, promote development and enhance the welfare of the people in the community”.

The project is embedded with a cause marketing strategy that aims to attract investors in building a common purpose, shared among civil society, the private sector, and development partners in achieving a correlative goal of improving upon food security and job creation, in the fight against poverty.

The social media campaign themed, Mango For Job, was launched on the 15th of June, 2019 at the Miklin Hotel in East Legon. In attendance was director of AgriCorp and other dignitaries, with about 30 people in attendance.

We welcomed our audience with uplifting funky music to get the right energy in the auditorium. Mango juice and conversionaries such as dried mangoes were served, just to give our guests a feel of our diverse nature as a business.

We kicked off the event with prayer and welcome note being delivered by our CEO, Mr. Edem Blavo, who gave an overview of the whole campaign.  The team was given the platform for an individual presentation on who we are, where we are and where we intend to be, with the successful implementation of our campaign.

The evening was clouded with an interactive atmosphere, allowing room for questioning and suggestions.

We also showed videos of our community impact initiatives which is intertwined with our Mango For Jobs campaign and our education support scheme, as a collective called, The Gold Project.

We ended the day with a short networking break, allowing our guests to know each other more and also room for future explanations on suggested points.

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