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In Ghana, varieties of mango including Brooks, Amelie, Keith and Kent are grown here. Each mango grows in different conditions, ripens at different times throughout the year and has its own unique taste. The variety we grow on our farms is the Keith mango because it is larger, fleshier and fiber free as compared to other popular varieties. It has an oblong shape and has a pale green colour with red patches when ripe. The fresh mango on Blavo Mango farm weigh on average 1kg. The larger mangoes could weigh as much as 1.7 Kg.



0 Fruit Bearing Trees
The farm has over 700 trees as it stands, and the goal is to have more than 1000 trees by the end of 2024.
0+ Land Size in Acres
Plot one (1) is a 20acres land with a tree population of 376. Plot two (2) sits on 14 acres of land with about 247 trees and Plot three (3) has a total tree population of 109 on an 8 acres land.
0 Years of Farming
Over the past 14 years we have been able to realize most of the objectives of our mission.
0 Team Size
Over the past 15 years we have realized part our mission by hiring 60 to 80 employees every year.

Our Team

Currently, the farm has 6 salaried employees, who manage and execute the day to day activities of the company. The farm also hires about 100 contract workers who perform activities such as slashing, pruning, harvesting, spraying and packaging of fruits.

Our Team


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