We choose to care

We choose to make the welfare of our community an indispensable part of every discussion or project we taken on. We are driven to succeed, but not at the expense of the environment and our community. We currently focus on job creation, health outreach and educational programs as key areas we want to impact . Our success is complete when we are our community succeeds as well.  


Our goal is to support students, teachers and schools in our community to succeed in all their educational endeavours. We also create special life skills and educational programs for our employees to empower them to improve their lives.

Our employees go through farm technical and financial literacy skill programs. This allows them to become better farmers and have better control of their lives. 



We have a genuine interest in the health needs of our community. For us, we believe our success as a business depends on a healthy and thriving community. Our employees live within our farming community. We budget and plan for programs focused on the health of our community. We currently have two separate health programs. Health outreach programs and an annual free health screening.

Our health outreach program is currently on high blood pressure management and malaria prevention. Through these programs we hope to reduce the impact of these illnesses and improve the health of our community.

With the help of our strategic partners (International Health Initiatives), we have had our first free health screening program in December 2018. We catered for more than 700 residents during this health exercise. 

Our health programs saves lives. We get great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment when we can contribute in meaningful and tangible ways towards the success of our community. 


At Desedem farms, we are committed to the ongoing development of our people. We understand that as a business, we can only be as good as the individuals we employ. 

We do not want to just create jobs, but a dignified one, within an environment that empowers their staff to explore new ideas and growth in expertise. 

For this reason, we actively seek out people with the rare combination of skill, experience, responsibility, commitment and ambition that will help the Blavo Mango brand to become a respected and successful company and an employer of choice.

Become a partner in building our community. There are simple ways you can help. Go to our become a partner page to see how you can support us build our community.