Our journey started in 2005 when the late  Ambassador harry osei blavo had a vision to start a mango farm that would keep him active in retirement and create jobs and income for his family and the community.

He bought the land, planted the mango trees and registered the company as Desedem Farms Limited. Five years on, Desedem farm had its first successful harvest.  Amazed with his mango yield residents around the farm grew much respect for Ambassador Blavo and would chant his name “Blavo” each time they see him driving by. 

In 2017 Ambassador Blavo handed over management of the farm to his children. Under this new management, the brand name Blavo Mango would emerge.

Today Desedem farms is more resilient and poised for success, with a renewed vision that is  built with the spirit of UBUNTU “ The belief in the power of community”. Desedem farm will always play and active role in community building.


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