Our Projects

Cooperate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to supporting our community of operation, by obliging to the call of the people. Ever since our establishment, we have always operated with sensitivity to social responsibility by being committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. We do this by working with our strategic partners and other non-profit organizations to organize health and educational initiatives. 

We intend on supporting a course, be it in the field of education, health, infrastructure or job-creation campaigns, once a year, with the aim of building a stronger relationship with the people and also improving on developments in the community.


As part of our dedication of giving back to the community, we partnered with Ghana Health Service, the Chief and local authorities of Dzogbe as well as International Health Initiative to organize a health screening on the 22nd of December, 2018. The screening tackled diseases such as malaria, arthritis and High Blood Pressure, which seems to be the main health conditions, worrying the people of Dzogbe. Aside from health screening, there was also education on preventive health and care plans.


One of the core goals of Desedem farms is for us to create more jobs. We believe this will help grow the Blavo Mango brand into a thriving and self-sustaining business. We believe efficient management of resources and implementation of relevant technology is a must and thus for these reasons and more, our Mango For Jobs project will be an avenue to modernize agriculture and make it a source of employment for the teeming youths in our community, by creating a skilled workforce in the processing, exportation and marketing fields.

With the launch of the Mango for Jobs project, a job-creating mechanism will be initiated. The outcome of this program will be studied and refined every year. The goal is to create 1000 direct and indirect jobs by 2028 through this program. We are optimistic this initiative will start a chain of events that will spur jobs, businesses and economic activities in Dzogbe.

As the program grows, more and more people will be hired and the unemployment rate in the area would reduce. More skilled hands will be needed on the farm which will help increase our yield and profitability.


Investing in community infrastructure involves much more than constructing the projects needed to support the farm. Lack of transportation infrastructure impacts logistics. Poor sanitation and healthcare infrastructure lead to unhealthy workers. Insufficient power or water systems can lead to operational interruptions, higher costs and conflicts with the community. Addressing the gaps or failures in the infrastructure of the communities near our farming area is an important step in building shared value.

We are committed to improving upon sanitation by constructing community facilities such as a clean drinking and water treatment supply, public toilets and also educating the people on personal hygiene. 

We also plan on renovating the school building and clinics in the community. In the long term, we will build bungalows to provide shelter for nursing and teaching staff as well as construct good roads with speed rumps to help reduce accidents in the community.

Become a partner in building our community. There are simple ways you can help. Go to our become a partner page to see how you can support us build our community.