The Way Forward – A Trip to the Farm

On the 2nd of August, our team, including CEO, Edem Blavo, took a trip to the farm, to check the readiness of our trees for our December Harvest. The team, thus Andrews, Peniel, Esther and CEO, Edem Blavo, took off from our office at East Legon at exactly 7 am. On our way, we discussed among ourselves the way forward in expanding our farms and also plans of adopting effective marketing tools and strategy in ensuring maximum profits from the harvest to come.

As part of our plans to move the business forward, there are two specific things we need to do, one is to expand the farm and the second is to maximize our profits. If we can achieve this, a percent of the proceeds will be channeled into creating jobs and catering for the health needs of the occupants in our farming community.

Our current tree count by our On-field Farm Manager, Moses Agordome, is estimated to a total number of 750 trees, meaning we could be potentially harvesting over 200 tonnes of mangoes this harvest season.

Part of our trip was to also attend our association meeting and involve ourselves in this years general elections, to select competent leaders to spearhead the association unto higher grounds.

The association meeting was delayed a bit due to rains, starting at exactly 10 am, after majority of members had arrived. The meeting took off with prayer said by Mr. Davies Korboe and a follow up presentation by Mr. Victor Avah, a Global Gap Consultant.

A detailed presentation by Mr. Victor Avah, educated members on good practices for flower induction and management, how to properly prune trees, and the appropriate chemical combinations to be used in spraying, at the various flowering stages. It was also noted that the flowering process starts with flower induction when the temperature drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

After the presentation, the aspirants had the chance to share their ideas and visions for the association, asked a few questions, and based on their competence, voted them into Power. The exercise was successful as the house was able to elect a new chairman, a vice, secretary, treasurer and organizer.

From the association meeting, the team along with a global gap inspector, visited our farms, so he can share some knowledge on the best practices and fertilizers to pray on our trees to prevent pests and diseases, as well as bring out good flowering from our trees. The officer noted we were on the right track, with the majority of our trees already bearing beautiful trees.

We concluded on the farm after about an hour of going around checking the readiness of the trees and returned back to Accra at around 5 pm, where we had lunch together as a team, and shared ideas on how to be better individual and as a team, in ensuring that we make this farm a success.

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