A Brand beyond Farming

A Brand beyond Farming

It’s the “Year of Return” and it’s exciting that most Ghanaians in the diaspora are coming back home with some friends, to share in the experience of the rich culture that we have here in our country.

Over the weekend, I was pleased to meet friends who are back home with some other friends of theirs, to tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Ghana. And so, as part of giving them an experience to remember, I took them on a tour to our farms.

We began our journey with a lot of chit chats, trying to know each other more, what they have experienced so far and what their expectations are with activities lined up for this year’s theme, “Year of Return”.

We pretty much covered a lot about ourselves throughout the hour drive from Accra to Dzogbe in the Eastern Region, where the farm is located. Upon arrival in the community, we were warmly welcomed by the occupants of the village whilst we made our way to the first farm site. With a lot of smiles and enthusiasm to know more, I started by sharing the history of our farms with my guests, and the motive my dad had, going into mango farming, being to create jobs for the people. I could feel the vibe and excitement of my guests as they enjoyed the touch of the long green sprouts, with the birds filling out the short silences with their tweets whilst we made our way to the second farm site.

With a breathtaking view from the top of the valleys, we all had a selfie moment, having few minutes to ourselves to enjoy the view and take beautiful pictures. The tour from here became more interactive and engaging with my guests having the pleasure of plucking fruits on their own, just to know how it feels like during the harvest season.

As we waded our way to the second farm site, I shared what the farm’s current stand is as a Brand beyond Farming especially with what we are doing to support our community, pointing out several initiatives such as the free health screening and the Mango for Jobs campaign, which we intend to use in promoting good welfare and job creation in our farming community.

We returned to the village, after a final tour at the third farm site, showing the guests our farmhouse, where we wash and package our fruits, before delivering to our buyers. We also made a quick stop at the school and clinic we support in the community, touring the facility to know what has been done so far and what we intend doing in the subsequent years.

After a long fun-filled day, we drove back to Accra, visiting one of the hot spots in the capital to enjoy good food, drinks and exciting conversations as the weekend is for Fun. They could all agree they had a good time and there was a promise to do this again possibly every 2years, support our vision of creating jobs and help improve the social welfare in our community.


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